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Siri Sala is comprised of 3 separate Thai houses called "ruen" sharing a courtyard.

Ruen Bangkok Noi and Ruen Hor are both 1 bedroom houses, while Ruen Siri has 4 bedrooms.  The entire property is spread over an expansive 1 rai of land and comes with a saltwater pool, garden and Heritage House for the exclusive use of its guests.

Enjoy discovering all these when you stay with us.



Saltwater Pool

The villa's 20-meter saltwater pool overlooks the peaceful canals and is ideal for both a quick splash and swimming laps. Guests may notice the unique color palette of the tiles, which were chosen to complement the natural hues of the river. The wooden steps on the right side of the pool is another playful reflection of life along the river and the traditional stilt houses that often have ladders leading from the main house straight down to the boat pier.

Heritage House

Located just to the right of our villa is the Ruen Deum, also fondly known as the Heritage House. Prior to its construction, each piece of wooden panels from the old property was carefully marked and disassembled by craftsmen from Ayuthaya so that we could save most of the original materials.


With the help of a trusted team of architects, we were able to reconstruct and restore Ruen Deum as true to its original form as possible.



Siri Sala’s garden and surroundings have been designed to highlight the abundance of Thai heritage. The plants, herbs, and flowers have all been carefully chosen for their ability to provide sustenance, from the chilis, basil, lime, and lemongrass that guests will enjoy as part of the local ingredients in our dining menu, to the lotuses and native floras that are used for decoration throughout the villa.



The library at Siri Sala is a special place that serves many functions. A perfect place to browse the curated selection of books on Thai culture & history and also to play board games with the family. 


A peek into the wooden cabinet will also reveal many gym essentials, a treat for those who would like to do light exercises while at the villa.

We are also proud to showcase many antique furniture in this room, many of which belonged to the original family that lived on the site for over 100 years.

The Living Room

The semi-outdoor living room at Siri Sala evokes the lifestyle of Thais who live in traditional houses on stilts. The 'tai toon' design was meant to be open air in the lower floor, allowing both animals and floodwater to pass underneath a house without danger.

This space under the Thai house is normally used during the daytime, with the living room and dining room enjoying ample natural light and air flow.


Courtyard & Ponds

The courtyard is an open air space that connects the living room and dining room.  Enjoy the cool breeze and watch the birds play amongst the trees.  There are also two natural ponds in this central area, allowing guests a playful view of the natural flora and fauna that inhabit the nearby river.


Road & River Entrance

Siri Sala has an enviable location - accessible by both land & water transport, in the city but off the beaten path.  You can arrive by car through Charan Sanitwong Road or via boat through Khlong Bangkok Noi.

In an earlier time, the city was interconnected by khlongs or canals, much like the famed port of Venice in Italy. Stay here and understand why Bangkok was once called the "Venice of the Orient".


The Kitchen

The materials of the kitchen at Siri Sala have been chosen to reflect the character of Thai traditional kitchens. We used wood, amber colored glass and net screens to pay tribute to the way Thai food was often times stored in cupboards rather than ice boxes.

In functionality however, it is fully modernized. This kitchen for guest's use is equipped with an undercounter refrigerator, freezer and wine fridge as well as Smeg stove top and ovens.

Perfect venue for show cooking or private cooking classes.

The Dining Room

It is said that a kitchen is the heart of a home, and we are sure that this will be the case here. The dining table stretches over 6 meters in length and is made of the out of the old teak floorboards that once braced the original Thai house that once stood here at this site.


It can now be enjoyed by the 22 diners who can sit together in this communal table, sharing good food and stories.




Ruen Bangkok Noi

Size: 48 sqm  |  2nd Floor

Taking inspiration from the oldest house of the original property, guests will be able to experience the traditional style of living while enjoying the spectacular, hand-painted murals depicting various plants and species that call the canals of Bangkok Noi their home. The bathroom features an ong and khunn (water jar and bucket) for guests to experience a refreshing shower the traditional way.

In-Room Safe

Fully Stocked Mini Bar

Hardwood Floors


Air Conditioning

Desk / Workspace

Free Wi-Fi


River Front


King Bed

Ruen Hor

Size: 48 sqm  |   2nd Floor 

Also known as the wedding suite, which was presented to the original owner on her wedding day, the interior of Ruen Hor pays homage to her keen eye for design and decorating style, from the original pieces of furniture that we have saved and rejuvenated to the iconic turquoise accent of which was her favorite. Looking up, guests will also be able to enjoy the hand-painted allegorical ceiling murals depicting a story of love and family. 

In-Room Safe

Fully Stocked Mini Bar

Hardwood Floors


Bathtub & Shower

Free Wi-Fi

Desk / Workspace

Air Conditioning


River Front

King Bed

Ruen Siri

Ruen Siri is a special house, designed purposefully to allow groups to gather.  

There are 3 suites upstairs and 1 suite downstairs. Ruen Siri has its own living room and dining space, providing ample room to entertain. Some rooms can also be reconfigured as a spa, gameroom or work space - ensuring that every guest's stay is as unique as their individual needs.