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We believe in travel that emphasizes a connection to local people, culture, food and practices. We've curated all our experiences - both big and small - to reflect the best of what Bangkok has to offer.

Offering at Spirit House

Offering at the Spirit House

In a land where animism & folk beliefs are deeply infused with Buddhism, Thai sprit houses are shown utmost care to help appease the protective spirits that inhabit it. We invite you to come join us do our daily offerings of flowers, candles, joss sticks and food.


Morning Alms

Giving food to monks during their morning walks is a form of making merit, which in turn brings the giver happiness, a peaceful life & other good things.  We can arrange for guests to visit nearby Wat Suwanaram or invite the monks to come by the villa.


Flower Folding

Folding Flowers

Our Villa Manager leads this activity, teaching guests the delicate Thai craft of arranging & folding lotus flowers

Chef Cooking

Thai Cooking Class

Learn to carve fruit or make some Thai favorites with our in-house chefs. You can choose to go to the market together, pick some herbs from the garden, or have all the ingredients prepared for you in advance.



Our spa therapists come to the villa so you don't have to go out.  Choose from foot massage, Thai massage and aromatherapy oil massage.



Our semi-shaded courtyards are the best place to practice yoga in the mornings. We provide yoga mats for those who self-practice and are able to arrange for yoga instructors for those who prefer guided sessions.


Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai

It is said that Muay Thai was developed several hundred years ago as a type of combat that uses the whole body as a weapon. Learn the martial arts of Thai boxing with a private instructor. Great activity for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Gym Essentials

Gym Essentials

For those who prefer to exercise on their own, Siri Sala also provides many gym essentials to assist you.  We have mats, jump ropes, light weights and resistance bands for guests to use.

Guided Boat Tours

Guided Boat Tours

Siri Sala’s location gives guests an opportunity to explore Bangkok Noi, a storied community that dates back to the Ayutthaya period where the city served as an outpost to welcome foreign merchants to the kingdom.

At this Chao Phraya riverbend, our curated tours will take you through the story of The Establishment of Bangkok. Travel down by boat with a private English-speaking archeologist to hear how the old capital fell, and how the Thais travelled bravely down these very same waters with their leaders, craftsmen and tradesmen to start a new city.


Curated Tours

We have hand picked the best guides to take you around to explore both major landmarks and hidden gems. They are English-speaking certified guides with in-depth meaningful knowledge on the places you will visit. Popular sites include The Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Suwannaram, Wat Ratcha Oroth, National Museum Bangkok & The Jim Thompson House Museum.


Antique Shopping

Assisted Shopping Tours

Let our guides take you to where the locals shop.  You can visit Or Tor Kor market, considered one of the world's best fresh markets to buy beautiful fruits, vegetables and seafood. Or shop antiques and handicrafts at nearby Chatuchak weekend market. We can also help you maneuver your way around Platinum Mall in Pratunam for the best bargains in fashion wear or through Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown.

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