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Join this collaboration for a fun dining event like no other! 

Fan-favorite by appointment-only restaurant Rark Authentic Thai Cuisine has come up with a unique menu that celebrates the recipes of this riverside community Bangkok Noi.


Siri Sala will convert its grounds so that guests can travel back in time and experience some old time fun & games - a cultural exchange through food that you are guaranteed to enjoy.

Episode 3 | Rark 


Discover the Roots of Bangkok Noi Through Food, Drinks & Entertainment

Our inaugural season of the Traveling Chef Series will conclude with Rark Authentic Thai Cuisine. The menu of Rark brings us back to our roots in many ways.  While episodes one and two explored modern Filipino cuisine with Chef Jordy Navarro of Toyo Eatery and the multi-cultural ethnic reinventions of Chef Num of Samuay and Sons, Chefs Safe and Tao of Rark bring 2022's last episode home to Bangkok. 

Rark or 'roots' in Thai, is the brainchild of Chefs Safe and Tao.  They believe in challenging their audience by bringing new perspectives in taste to humble local ingredients.  With technical precision they bring out the best flavors and quality.  Chef Safe mused: “It is easy to cook with nice expensive ingredients, but to bring out the tastes of the more humble produce in your own locale is extremely challenging’.

For their Siri Sala residency, Rark has created a special menu under the theme of ‘Roots of Bangkok Noi’ which is inspired by our community and waterfront location.  An all new menu that is the culmination of four months of fastidious research will have an exclusive debut at Siri Sala. We are proud to bring to you Chefs Safe and Tao who are as passionate about Thai culinary roots as finding new ways to bring life to authentic recipes.

Come to Siri Sala to taste this exciting new menu and see for yourself why Rark is hailed by those in the know as one of the most authentic Thai food available in the country.

* photos are for reference of style only & not what will be served during the event

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Event Details


11-13 November 2022

Update: limited seats left for Friday & Saturday







6:30 PM    Refreshments
:00 PM    Understanding Roots with the Chefs
7:15 PM     Roots of Bangkok Noi menu
9:00 PM
     Fun, Games & Drinks at the Garden

THB 4,500++ per person, all inclusive experience

Welcome Refreshments
Water & Herbal drinks to accompany dinner
Local Thai Cocktails 

Roots of Bangkok Noi special menu by Rark
8 courses + desserts

Snacks & Sweets
Game Booths & Prizes


Limited to 30 guests per night

Smart Casual

Please wait for an email to confirm your booking. 
Reservations are tentative until paid in full.

You may also call to reserve your seat at 098 608 1999 or message us on Line ID: sirisala.official

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