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We are delighted to open our home a few times a year to invite chefs & their teams to come travel to Bangkok Noi. They showcase their crafts & exchange ideas with like minded guests. Our home and kitchens become theirs.

Guests come to Siri Sala for an intimate cultural exchange through food, to get to know the chef's advocacies and of course, enjoy their unique flavors.

Episode 2 | Samuay & Sons / Mah Noi Food Lab


Discover the Story of Issan Food as Told Through 10 Indigenous Ingredients

Hear the story told by the masters of their craft.

Chef Weerawat Triyasenawat (Num) takes over Siri Sala Private Thai Villa in Bangkok Noi to welcome 30 guests per night during 19-21 August 2022 to showcase local foraged produce of forest plants, fermented drinks and the culinary traditions of Issan-Thai food.

Named after their mother Samuay, Chef Num and his brother Chef Joe opened Samuay & Sons in their hometown of Udon Thani in 2014.  The restaurant focuses on traditional Issan-Thai cuisine by thoughtfully re-imagining beloved dishes with sustainability, history, local folk wisdom and contemporary Western techniques.  Having trained in Michelin-starred restaurants Commonwealth & Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, followed by experiences with Nahm’s David Thompson and at Bangkok’s Michelin-starred Bo.Lan, it’s no wonder that Chef Num, who helms Samuay & Sons, has been awarded World’s 50 Best Discovery in 2021.

Chef Num will also represent Mah Noi food Lab, his initiative with Chef Curtis Hetland, a Canadian who shares Chef Num’s interest in hyper-seasonal indigenous ingredients and fermentation.  The two chefs established Mah Noi Food Lab in 2021 to grow edible mold, ferment rice grains and breakdown proteins as a technique using local Issan ingredients to explore new tastes and develop possibilities for the sustainable future of food.

Come to Bangkok Noi to taste the best of nouveau Issan and see for yourself how Chef Num and his team are turning foraged food into progressive fine dining – capturing the attention of critics and gourmands the world over.

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Event Details


19, 20 & 21 August 2022



6:00 PM      Sunset Refreshments
6:30 PM       Storytelling with Chef Num
7:00 PM     
 Story of Issan Menu (10 courses)
9:30 PM
         Live Music by Makaohang
                    Thai Beers at The Heritage Bar


THB 4,500++ per person, all inclusive experience


Sunset Drinks (Wasteland Siri Sala Garden Blend)
Fermented Drinks to accompany dinner
Craft Beers (Full Moon Brewworks)

10 courses 

Makaohang flown in from Udon Thani


Limited to 30 diners per night


Smart Casual

Please wait for an email to confirm your booking. 
Reservations are tentative until paid in full.

You may also call to reserve your seat at 098 608 1999 or message us on Line ID: sirisala.official

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